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A twenty-five part

integrated teaching series that provides a simple yet 

comprehensive account of our human dilemma and

its divine solution.



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General outlines of each study

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Comprehensive notes on each of the 25 studies

MP3 recordings of recent teaching sessions

    About the Author    

Colin Jones is married to Robyn, and together they have raised six children. He grew up in a small industrial city in South Australia and came to Christian faith in 1970 at the age of twenty.

He has worked in industry, served as an ordained local church pastor for seventeen years in Adelaide South Australia, and then as an inter-denominational Bible teacher both within Australia and overseas. For several years he was a team member of the New Creation Teaching Ministry, based in Adelaide, and today continues to write and to mentor others as founder and president of a not for profit organisation, the Human Freedom Teaching Resource.

Colin’s teaching reflects a high view of the authority of the Bible. And always, there is an underlying conviction: that the One of whom the Scriptures speak is dynamically at work within His creation—transformingly so, in the lives of those who have come to drink freely from His love’s deep spring.


About the Series

    About the Series    

One thing that is essential to enjoyment of authentic human living is the matter of personal freedom. The twenty-five studies of ‘The Way To Human Freedom’ teaching series explore what the Bible reveals about this supremely significant theme. Study by study, the amazing nature of God’s liberating action towards humankind is gradually spelt out—showing its power to bring both personal and social transformation.

The freedom we all require is one that does not depend upon ideal situations. Our great need is for liberation into a new capacity to become all we were created to be, regardless of our background or present environment. Basic to such freedom is release from a recurring threat of despair in regard to conscience, personhood, circumstances, human fullness and eternity. And so a prime objective of this series

is to reveal the stunning reality of our Maker’s magnificent provision in each of these areas, together with the personally transforming impact this may have.

Because the studies bring a progressively unfolding understanding, with each one building upon what has gone before, it is important to move through in numerical order. The first eight deliver a basic proclamation of God’s redeeming (liberating) work. In this we are shown who He is, what He has created us to be, what has become of us, and then, what He has done to make possible the kind of personal freedom we all yearn to know! The remaining seventeen show the integrated outworking of it all within major elements of authentic, redeemed human endeavour.

The series is not a ‘quick read’. Its purpose is to provide a simple, yet comprehensive, account of our human dilemma and its divine solution. To do this an adequate framework of understanding must be built. The matter of personal freedom is, indeed, of enormous importance to us all. It clearly deserves more than a superficial approach.

All twenty-five studies are not yet ready for presentation, and those which are, are still in process. The series is also better proclaimed than read. Later, audio and video presentations should be available on site. But for now, you are invited to read on! 




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